Korra Obidi Biography: Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Husband, Videos, Children, Divorced, Wikipedia, Instagram, Songs, House, Pictures

Korra Obidi Biography

Korra Obidi Biography

Anita Obidi Korra (born June 23, 1991) popularly known by her stage name Korra Obidi, is a Nigerian dancer, model, musician, and actress from Oshimili North in Delta State, Nigeria.

Korra Obidi is well-known in major Nigerian online media spaces for her full use of every stage as a platform for distributing her content, including dance recordings.

Essential Data
Full Name: Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi Korra
Stage Name: Korra Obidi
Born: June 23, 1991 (age 33 years old)
Resident: Los Angeles, California
State Of Origin: Delta State
Nationality: Nigerian
Boyfriend • Husband: Dr. Justin Dean
Occupation: Actress, Model, Dancer
Net Worth: $350,000

Korra Obidi Biography Early Life & Education

Korra Obidi was born on June 23, 1991, in Oshimili, Delta State, Nigeria. Korra Obidi’s early life was marked by her birthplace, as well as her upbringing and training in Lagos, Nigeria.

While receiving her secondary school leaving certificate from Command Secondary School in Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria, Korra Obidi also continued her education by studying Business Education at the University of Education.

Korra Obidi Biography Career

Even with so much accomplishment already added to her name and a magnificent fan base earned today, Korra Obidi‘s path to success was not easy, as she had to hustle her way up directly from dancing in church.

She was recognized for her difficult work as a woman, as well as her dance moves and stage energy, which have consistently exceeded anyone’s expectations; her ability to keep you hooked on her dance demonstration until she was finished was one of the key factors that helped her build a following.

Korra Obidi trained in Belly Dance and Classical Odissi in Cairo and Lagos under the tutelage of Priti Mastakar in order to advance her dance career professionally.

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Korra obidi net worth

Korra Obidi Dance Career:

Korra Obidi’s dance journey demonstrates her determination and resilience. In 2017, she received an AFRIMMA nomination for Best Dancer, which brought her to public attention. Despite being heavily pregnant, she proudly displayed her talent during the 2017/2018 Basketball Africa League season.

Her commitment to her craft was further demonstrated when she competed in the 2019 season of the American talent show So You Think You Can Dance while pregnant. Her dance career began in 2007 with an appearance in a music video by Nigerian rapper Sasha P, and she has since continued to push boundaries and defy expectations.

Korra Obidi Movie Career:

Korra Obidi began as a child star in Nigerian Nollywood movies in the late 2000s and returned to the screen in 2022 with a role in the Nollywood film ‘What If’ alongside stars Alexx Ekubo and Patience Ozokwor. In this movie, she portrays a strong-willed woman who faces adversity with grace and resilience.

This role demonstrates her acting talent and ability to bring complex characters to life. She has also appeared in TV shows such as ‘Another Ordinary Day’ and movies such as ‘Saro: The Musical’, allowing her to experiment with different genres and push her acting abilities.

Korra Obidi Modeling Career:

Korra Obidi became another model to watch out for after winning Miss Radiography 2009 at the University of Lagos. She was also crowned Miss Moremi 2010 at the University of Lagos and Miss Congeniality at Miss Global Nigeria 2014.

Korra Obidi has walked the runways at Port Harcourt International Fashion Week and GTBank Fashion Week, demonstrating her distinct style and versatility.

She has also appeared as the lead vixen in music videos for artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Tekno, and Orezi, demonstrating her international appeal and ability to bring songs to life through her performances.

Korra Obidi wedding

Korra Obidi Music Career:

Korra Obidi began her musical career in 2015 with the release of her first official single, Man Like You, followed by an Extended Play, Woman Power, a body of work that included virtually all of the top world-class genres, including afrobeat and R&B.

Her World Cup single, Africa, released in 2017, received massive recognition, as did her 2018 release, Parkwell, which peaked at number four on the Nigerian music charts.

Korra made her musical debut in 2015 with the soulful ballad ‘Man Like You,’ which explores themes of love and self-discovery.

This was followed by the high-energy track ‘Kilibe,’ which featured Mz Kiss and celebrated African culture and music. Her third single, “Vibration,” featuring Victoria Kimani, is a catchy dance track that encourages listeners to embrace their inner rhythm.

She’s also released two albums: ‘Woman Power Series’ in 2016, a collection of empowering anthems for women, and ‘Sounds From The Throne Room’ in 2019, a spiritual journey told through music. Her YouTube page has over 500,000 subscribers, and her music videos receive over 1 million views per upload.

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Personal Life

Korra Obidi is married to an American husband, Dr. Justin Dean, who is a sports therapist and chiropractor. He is fully supportive of her career. Their marriage has been blessed with two children.

Korra Obidi and her ex husband, Justin Dean

How Korra Obidi met her husband

According to DNB Stories Africa, Korra Obidi and her husband, Dr Justin Dean, met in China using the dating app Tinder. Korra was teaching language through dance in Shanghai, China at the time, and Justin worked as a sports therapist for the Chinese National Olympic Team.

Korra Obidi Marriage with her Husband, Justin Dean Ended After Five Years

Korra Obidi and Justin divorced in March 2022, less than five years after their marriage. Justin admitted that problems arose just a year into their relationship. Despite his best efforts, he decided to call it quits due to exhaustion.

Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin Dean, announced their divorce on his social media account on March 10, 2022, barely a week after the birth of their second child.

His post read: “Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce. It is over! I would not be treated this way any longer. I did my absolute best to make it work. I did not want this, I did my best, my heart is broken. I supported her, loved her and I don’t deserve the way I was treated.”

Many social media users people mistook the post for a prank, but Dean later clarified that his statement was not a prank. In a follow-up post on Instagram Stories, he added, “Not a joke.”

He accused Korra of narcissism, infidelity, and a lack of accountability, claiming she threatened divorce if he didn’t follow her wishes. He also claimed that Korra turned their child against him.

Korra Obidi responded by stating that she would not dwell on the divorce and instead focus on herself and their children. However, the situation became tense as both parties leveled accusations. Justin accused Korra of child abuse and neglect, which caused their split.

About Korra Obidi’s ex husband – Dr Justin Dean

Dr. Justin Dean is a Los Angeles-based sports therapist and licensed chiropractor. Justin Dean is not a medical doctor because chiropractors do not have a medical degree.

He owns Dean’s Sports Therapy, a physiotherapy clinic, and co-developed the NeuroCentric Approach, a comprehensive pain management solution.

Justin Dean was born on June 30, 1988, and is now 36 years old as of March 2022. In 2024, he graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree.

He graduated from the University of Western States with a doctorate of chiropractic in 2014.

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Korra Obidi children

Korra Obidi Children

As of March 2022, Korra Obidi and her estranged husband, Justin Dean, have two daughters together. Their first daughter, June Chukwuebube Dean, was born in July 2019, and their second daughter, Athena Dean was born on March 2, 2022.

Awards & Nomination

Aside from being nominated for numerous awards, Korra Obidi’s efforts were recognized with a nomination as Africa’s Best Dancer in the 2017 AFRIMMA Awards.

Korra Obidi’s Songs, Albums, EP

Korra Obidi has released amazing songs and visuals, including:

Korra Obidi Sounds From The Throne Room EP Album Released in 2021

  • Royal Lamba
  • Neje
  • Dugudu
  • Cool Temper

Korra Obidi Woman Power Series Album Released in 2016

  • Is A Pass (Remix)
  • Kilibe
  • Is A Pass
  • Jeje
  • Man Like You
  • No Time
  • Rest Of Mind
  • Strong Love
  • Sugar

Korra Obidi We Move EP Album Released in 2023

  • Break Me Throway
  • Knock On Wood
  • The Spirit
  • Toxic Love

Korra Obidi Latest Single Released Songs Below

  • We Galant
  • No Love
  • Romper
  • Obi
  • Cruise
  • Big Korra

Korra Obidi Net Worth

Korra Obidi, a full-time entertainer, has a huge estimated net worth of $350,000, but this is unverified.

Korra Obidi Social Media

Korra Obidi is very active on her social media pages, You can connect with Korra Obidi through the following platforms:

  • Instagram: @KorraObidi
  • Twitter: @KorraObidi
  • Phone Number: Unavailable.

FAQs about Korra Obidi Biography

Q. Is Korra Obidi a princess in Nigeria?

A. Korra Obidi, whose real name is Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, describes herself as a Nigerian princess.

Q. Where in Nigeria is Korra Obidi from?

A. She is from Igbuzo (also known as Ibusa), Delta State, in Nigeria’s South-South region.

Q. How many languages does Korra Obidi speak?

A. She speaks five languages, including English, Yoruba, Igbo, Mandarin, and a little French. She is new to Los Angeles and eager to explore its endless possibilities.

Q. How Old is Korra Obidi?

A. Korra Obidi is 33 years of age, as of 2024, She was born on 23 June 1991.

Q. Who is Korra Obidi?

A. Korra Obidi, a Nigerian-born dancer, singer, model, actress, and internet personality, was born on June 23, 1991.

Q. Who is Korra’s Ex-husband?

A. Korra Obidi’s ex-husband is Dr. Justin Dean, an American performance therapist and chiropractor. He only rose to prominence after marrying an entertainer and social media personality.

Q. How Did Korra Obidi and Justin Dean Meet?

A. Korra and Justin Dean met on Tinder and began their relationship while both were in China, where Korra was teaching language through dance and Dean was working for the Chinese National Olympic Team.

Q. How Many Siblings Does Korra Obidi Have?

A. Korra has three siblings: two sisters named Nancy Umeh and Charity Obidi, and one brother whose name is currently unknown.

Q. How Many Children Does Korra Obidi Have?

A. Korra Obidi has two children from her brief marriage with Justin Dean. Her first child is June Dean, and her second, Athena Dean, was born shortly before she divorced Justin.

Q. Is Korra Obidi Still Married?

A. No, The Nigerian-born singer, Korra Obidi is no longer married. Her marriage to Justin Dean lasted from 2017 until 2022, when they divorced.

Q. Where Does Korra Obidi Live Now?

A. Korra Obidi now splits her time between Lagos, Nigeria, and Los Angeles, California, United States, where she relocated after marrying.

Korra Obidi Biography Conclusion

Korra Obidi demonstrates talent, resilience, and activism in the entertainment industry. Korra’s journey from humble beginnings in Delta State, Nigeria, to her current status as a celebrated artist and advocate has inspired audiences all over the world.

As she continues on her journey, she remains committed to using her voice and artistry to effect positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and society.

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