Morenikeji Egbin Orun Biography: Real Name, Age, Cause Of Death, Husband, Funeral, State Of Origin, Career, Songs, Family

Morenikeji Egbin Orun Biography

Egbin Orun Biography

Egbin Orun was a renowned gospel singer from Nigeria. Her stage name, which means “Beauty of Heaven,” reflects her strong belief in spiritual beauty. Apart from her singing talent, she was also a medical practitioner and a priest. She often referred to herself as a prophetess.

Egbin Orun was born on February 10, 1985 in Ifo, Ogun State, Nigeria. She has impacted many hearts with her beautiful voice and passion for ministry.

Sadly, Egbin Orun died on April 28, 2024. Her colleague Esther Igbekele verified her death in an Instagram post a few hours after her passing.

Egbin Orun Morenikeji’s Age

Egbin Orun Morenikeji is 29 years old in 2024.

Egbin Orun Morenikeji State of Origin

Morenikeji Egbin Orun is from Ifo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Egbin Orun Morenikeji Early Life and Education

Egbin Orun Morenikeji was born on February 10, 1985, in Ogun state.

Education played a crucial role in shaping Egbin Orun’s journey. She pursued her academic goals while nurturing her passion for music. After completing secondary school, she enrolled in medical school and eventually became a medical practitioner.

egbin orun morenikeji biography

Egbin Orun Morenikeji Career

Egbin Orun Morenikeji is an exceptional gospel singer who has captivated audiences in Nigeria and beyond with her phenomenal career.

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Egbin Orun made her debut in the gospel music industry with a voice that seemed to reach the skies. Her early albums featured passionate delivery and poignant lyrics. Songs such as “Heavenly Beauty” and “Grace Overflow” became anthems of hope for Christians.

As her popularity increased, Egbin Orun collaborated with other gospel artists, resulting in stunning duets and group performances. She enthralled the audience with her singing abilities at major gospel events.

Her live performances were always inspiring, whether in small groups or large venues. She radiated authenticity and passion.

Egbin Orun Morenikeji’s Albums and Top Hits

Egbin Orun’s studio albums were a huge success, becoming bestsellers. Tracks like “Worship in the Wilderness” and “Healing Rain” resonated with listeners, providing them with comfort and spiritual enrichment. Her lyrics often reflected her personal experiences, showcasing her unwavering faith in God.

Egbin Orun Morenikeji does humanitarian work and outreach.

Egbin Orun was not only focused on her career on the stage, but also committed to making a positive impact in society. She utilized her position to raise awareness about social issues and advocate for the underprivileged. Through her charity, she promoted education for underprivileged children and provided medical aid to those in need.

Morenikeji Egbin Orun Morenikeji Death

Egbin Orun Morenikeji, a talented gospel singer whose voice touched the hearts and souls of many, has passed away. Her colleague Esther Igbekele announced her untimely death on April 28, 2024, in an emotional Instagram post. Egbin Orun’s sudden passing came as a shock to everyone, leaving no time for goodbyes.

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Esther Igbekele paid a touching tribute to Egbin Orun, describing her as a “beautiful and kind-hearted woman” who had always supported her ministry. They had chatted just a week before, unaware that Egbin Orun was about to embark on her journey to the great beyond.

Esther’s words expressed many people’s feelings: “You will be greatly missed, and your good deeds will continue to linger in our hearts.” The demise of Egbin Orun rippled across the gospel music community, leaving an unfillable vacuum.

Morenikeji egbin orun biography age

Egbin Orun’s Cause of Death

Apostle Moses Adeleke, husband of the late famous Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) prophetess and gospel singer Bashirat Morenikeji Adeleke, has revealed the cause of her death.

According to the cleric, his wife, Egbin Orun, had been complaining of an ailment for several months. He revealed that she had surgery overseas and died soon after returning to Nigeria.

FAQs about Morenikeji Egbin Orun Biography

Q: What was Egbin Orun’s real name?

A: Egbin Orun’s real name was Bashirat Morenikeji Adeleke.

Q. Egbin orun real age

A. Egbin Orun Morenikeji is 29 years old in 2024, she was born on February 10th 1985.

Q. Egbin orun birthday

A. Morenikeji egbin orun usually celebrated her birthday on February 10th.

Q. Who is Egbin Orun husband?

A. Morenikeji adeleke aka Egbin Orun husband is Apostle Moses Adeleke.

Q: Can fans still connect with Egbin Orun on Instagram?

A: Fans can find her on Instagram under the handle @egbinorunmorenikeji.

Q: Is there any official statement regarding the cause of Egbin Orun’s death?

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A: As of now, no official statement has been issued regarding the cause of her death.

Q: How can individuals book Egbin Orun for events or seek counselling?

A: For bookings, prayers, and counselling, individuals can contact Egbin Orun via WhatsApp at 09032969085.


In this lengthy Egbin Orun Morenikeji biography, we looked at the life of Egbin Orun, a popular gospel musician whose tragic death had a significant impact on the music industry. Despite the grief of her departure, her music, generosity, and unshakeable faith continue to live on. As fans commemorate her legacy, Egbin Orun’s spirit continues to inspire hope and love in the hearts of many.

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