Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation, Salaries & Best Schools

best paying jobs in marine transportation

Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

There are many jobs available in the Marine Transportation industry, we have listed the Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation for you to choose your preferred choice.

Marine transportation can be a rewarding career path with numerous opportunities for advancement and development.

Because of its great value in the American industry, marine transportation is an excellent career to pursue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for marine transportation workers was $59,250.

In this article, We have provided tips on the best paying jobs in marine transportation, the benefits of working in marine transportation, the responsibility of marine transportation workers, salaries, and the Best Marine Engineering Schools.

Benefits of Working in the Marine Transportation Industry

  • Possibilities for expedited career advancement
  • A chance to work with a close-knit group of people
  • Travel opportunities
  • Adventure
  • Flexibility in your career
  • Outdoor living

Basic Qualities & Skills for a Career in Marine Transportation

Positions in the marine transportation sector are more difficult than those on land. As a result, this is not a job to be taken lightly.

To be successful in the field, you must have a few specific skills. These are some examples of such abilities:

  1. Skills in problem-solving
  2. Being physically fit is important
  3. Customer service skills
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Observational skills
  6. Ability to communicate
  7. Exceptional foresight

Responsibility of Marine Transportation Workers?

Marine employees are responsible for the smooth operation of both commercial and non-commercial activities in bodies of water.

They work with cargo on cargo ships, passengers on ferries, and even elderly people on cruise ships.

Workers in the marine transportation industry are in charge of operating marine vessels and performing the various tasks required to keep them safe and operational.

They are in charge of transporting cargo with cranes or floats, communicating with other vessels, and hauling cargo.

Marine transportation workers operate and maintain the machinery used to transport people and cargo by sea. They load and control equipment such as barges, towboats, ferries, and tugboats.

Best High-Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation | Annual Salary

Working on the ship’s deck to maintaining the ship’s machinery are all examples of jobs in the marine transportation industry.

Below is the list of highest-paying jobs in the marine transportation industry with their Salary Per Year.

Jobs In Marine Transportation Annual Salary
Marine Data Science $72,000 – $107,000
Marine Systems Engineering $66,000 – $98,000
Marine Engineering Consultant $74,000 – $121,000
Marine Systems Engineering Officer $74,000 – $121,000
Vessel Operators $62,000 – $85,000
Marine Surveyor $40,000 – $84,500
Radio Technician $47,000 – $71,000
Shipbuilding Engineer $70,000 – $82,000
Ship superintendent $102,000 – $143,000
Marine Technician $36,500 – $51,500
Marine Painter $33,500 – $43,000
Marine Welder $35,500 – $50,000
Naval Architect $70,000 – $100,000
Port Engineer $70,000 – $98,000
Ship Mate $25,000 – $47,500
Able Seaman $45,500 – $60,500
Ships’ Security officer $36,062
Shipment Freight Broker $43,262
Shipwright $85,113

Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

The marine transportation industry is growing at one of the fastest rates in the world. This increase has resulted in an unprecedented demand for skilled workers in this industry. Employment in the marine transportation industry includes a competitive salary, first-rate benefits, and more.

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The best paying jobs in marine transportation are listed below:

  1. Marines Surveyor
  2. Marine Engineer
  3. Radio Technician
  4. Shipbuilding Engineer
  5. Marine Technician
  6. Naval Architect
  7. Marine Mechanic
  8. Ship superintendent
  9. Marine Welder
  10. Marine Painter
  11. Marine Service Manager
  12. Ship Mate
  13. Port Engineer
  14. Vessel Operator
  15. Shipwright
  16. Able Seaman
  17. Ships’ security officer
  18. Shipping Broker
  19. Manager of the Marine Service Department
  20. Shipment Freight Broker

Marines Surveyor

A ship must be inspected by a marine surveyor before it can be used for marine transportation. Surveyors thoroughly inspect the entire ship to ensure it is seaworthy and compliant with laws. The loading and unloading of cargo from ships are also under their supervision. Salary range: $40,000 – $84,500 per year.

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers are in charge of ship machinery maintenance and repair. If you enjoy engineering, you might be interested in a job in shipbuilding.

The primary focus of marine engineers’ work is on the main propulsion engines, as well as auxiliary apparatus and systems used in a variety of ships, boats, and offshore structures.

They are in charge of the design, setup, operation, maintenance, and repairs of various parts. Annual salary: $79,976

Radio Technician

A radio technician is an expert in the design, installation, and upkeep of radio station transmitting systems. As a radio technician, your responsibilities include selecting and maintaining the equipment that is best suited for the radio show to which you have been assigned, as well as performing any necessary electrical and gear repairs. Annual salary: $47,000 – $71,000

Shipbuilding Engineer

Shipbuilding engineers are those who design and build marine ships on the engineering side. A shipbuilding yard, like any other engineering profession, requires four years of education before an individual is qualified to work there. Annual salary: $70,000 – $82,000.

Marine Technician

Marine mechanics must maintain and repair the plumbing and electrical systems of boats, yachts, and other watercraft. Working with mechanical systems requires the ability to repair damaged parts, perform regular maintenance to keep everything in working order, and run diagnostic tests to identify problems.

You may also be required to conduct operational testing, upgrade existing systems, install new systems, and make recommendations. Annual salary: $36,500 – $51,500.

Naval Architect

A naval architect is a licensed professional engineer who is in charge of planning, building, and maintaining military and commercial vessels as well as offshore infrastructure.

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You manage the equipment required by boat builders and engineering firms by applying your knowledge of physics, materials, engineering, and architecture. Annual salary: $70,000 – $100,000

Marine Mechanic

A marine mechanic, also known as a boat mechanic, repairs and maintains motorboats and other types of watercraft. You’ll be in charge of the mechanical and electrical systems on boats, as well as small engines of any kind, whether gas or diesel. You must be familiar with mechanics and be able to identify, narrow down, and resolve issues.

Manual dexterity is required to perform your duties as a marine mechanic, which include handling tools and mechanical parts with your hands. Annual salary: $37,500 – $54,500.

Ship Superintendent

A ship superintendent is responsible for ensuring that all repairs are completed correctly, especially when the ship is in a dry dock. This is one of the highest-paying marine transportation jobs.

In a shipyard or dockyard, the job of managing and monitoring a repair project falls to the ship superintendent. Annual salary: $102,000 – $143,000.

paying jobs in marine transportation

Marine Welder

To work on offshore equipment, the marine welders must submerge themselves. They practice in a variety of aquatic environments while honing their craft for industrial clients.

These skilled artisans are typically certified by the American Welding Society and other reputable organizations. They can perform hyperbaric welding at a variety of depths due to their diving certification. Annual salary: $35,500 – $50,000

Marine Painter

A marine painter is someone who applies paint to boats and other nautical structures. In this line of work, you will be responsible for painting structures and containers with brushes, rollers, and possibly specialized spray equipment.

Certain materials are occasionally used to prevent corrosion or to create a barrier that seals the boat. Annual salary: $33,500 – $43,000.

Marine Service Manager

A marine service manager’s primary responsibility is to manage boat repairs. A marine service manager’s responsibilities include inspecting a ship while it is docked or performing seagoing operations.

You collaborate with craftspeople to complete these upgrades and advise the ship’s owners or operators on necessary maintenance and safety changes. Annual salary: $53,000 – $82,000.

Ship Mate

Working as a crew member on a cargo ship, container ship, transport ship, or other large boat is one of a shipmate’s responsibilities. A shipmate’s responsibilities are determined by your expertise and the needs of the ships on which you serve.

They may be in charge of the onboard systems, or you may assist with navigation or steering. Annual salary: $25,000 – $47,500

Port Engineer

A port engineer is in charge of the technical aspects of managing and expanding a port’s infrastructure. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the maritime industry.

You are in charge of maintaining and repairing ships, and part of your responsibilities include ensuring that engineering work complies with safety requirements and marine rules.

Your career is dependent on ensuring that engineering work adheres to safety regulations and maritime law. Annual salary: $70,000 – $98,000.

Vessel Operator

The vessel operator is responsible for the management of many shipboard tasks, such as payroll, payments, and paperwork. Meetings with stevedores, independent contractors, agents, and crew members are mandatory meetings for a ship operator.

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Manifests, bills of lading, indemnity letters, and productivity reports must also be managed. Annual salary: $62,000 – $85,000.


A shipwright is someone who works on the design and construction of ships. The highly skilled profession of a shipwright focuses on the construction of marine and ship vessels.

Shipwrights build the ship’s structure and every fitting. It was difficult to construct a ship. Throughout the winter, ships were built in open-air shipyards. Drills and riveters, for example, were both dangerous and noisy. Annual salary: $85,113.

Skilled/Able Seaman

A capable seaman on a merchant ship can perform a variety of duties. They may be required to operate deck machinery, use emergency equipment, clean and sanitize the space, enforce security procedures, maneuver the boat, keep an eye out for hazards, or handle cargo. Annual salary: $45,500 – $60,500

Ships’ Security Officer

A ship security officer is an important part of the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) code (SSO). The company and the master hire the SSO to ensure the ship’s safety.

A ship safety officer’s primary responsibilities include implementing and enforcing a ship security plan while collaborating with business and port security personnel. Annual salary: $36,062.

Shipping Broker

The duties of a ship broker include buying and selling ships as well as moving cargo. This has less to do with theory and more to do with trade and understanding the game’s rules.

This is a demanding but rewarding profession. A ship broker’s job entails mediating disputes between ship owners and charterers. Annual salary: $59,457

Manager of the Marine Service Department

A marine service manager’s primary responsibility is to oversee the maintenance of waterborne vehicles. As a maritime service manager, it is your responsibility to conduct vessel inspections.

If you want to work in this industry, you should be familiar with the rules and regulations that govern commercial fishing or shipping. Annual salary: $62,500

Shipment Freight Broker

The shipping broker acts as a middleman between those who want to ship cargo and those who have access to ships capable of doing so. A maritime freight broker’s career can be both rewarding and competitive.

Freight brokers are individuals or companies hired by shippers to act as a link between the vessel’s owner and a motor company to assist in the transportation of their goods from their point of origin to their destination via a vast network of connections with carriers. Annual salary: $43,262.

List Of Best Marine Careers

Below is a list of some of the best careers in Marine.

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Marine Archeology
  • Marine Researcher
  • Marine Environment Educator/ Oceanography
  • Aquatic Veterinarian
  • Scuba Diving Instructor and Underwater Filmmaker
  • Marine Scientist
  • Marine Environment Economist

Best Marine Engineering Universities in the World

  1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway.
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.
  4. Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MIT USA).
  5. Technical University of Denmark
  6. University of Tasmania
  7. University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland).
  8. Newcastle University (Newcastle, England).
  9. University of Southampton( Southampton, England).
  10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  11. University of California, San Diego
  12. Chalmers University of Technology
  13. Colorado State University
  14. Plymouth University (Plymouth, England).
  15. Griffith University
  16. Delft University of Technology
  17. National Technical University of Athens
  18. The University of Tokyo
  19. The University of New South Wales
  20. Maritime University of the Caribbean

Best Marine Engineering Colleges in the World:

  • California Institute of Technology
  • Maritime University of the Caribbean
  • Maine Maritime Academy
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Global Maritime Academy, Nigeria
  • Nigeria Marine University
  • SUNY Maritime College
  • University of New Orleans
  • University of Trieste, naval architecture, marine engineering
  • Liepaja Maritime College

Best Marine Engineering Schools in the USA

These are the best marine engineering schools in the United States.

Although there are other educational institutions, these are the best for marine engineering studies based on factors such as the number of programs offered, acceptance rate, accreditation, etc.

  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • California State University Maritime Academy
  • Maine Maritime Academy
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Texas A&M Maritime Academy
  • Atlantis Maritime Academy
  • Fremont Maritime Services
  • Gulf Coast Maritime Academy
  • Atlantic Maritime Academy
  • Maritime Institute Inc, San Diego, California


There are numerous job opportunities available in the marine transportation industry. The above mentioned Top Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation positions are the most in-demand in the maritime transportation sector.

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